Remote AV System Monitoring

Electrosonic’s ESCAN Remote Monitoring service offers 24x7 real-time monitoring of your facility from our Service Operations Centers (SOC). ESCAN software monitors your facility, looks for problems, and provides our support specialists with alerts and important configuration data that enable faster troubleshooting and fault resolution.

Every system we design utilises the best in modern network management technology, with controllable power distribution and equipment chosen at the outset with monitoring in mind. ESCAN can often be incorporated into existing systems.

The ESCAN Remote Monitoring service is part of Electrosonic’s portfolio of comprehensive service solutions. ESCAN is designed to integrate with, and enhance, Electrosonic technical support, emergency service and preventative maintenance, allowing you to focus on your day to day operations without worrying about system reliability.

Custom Fault Management

ESCAN generates an alert when it detects a problem. These alerts can be customised for each customer's specific needs. Once alerted, our trained support specialists will contact you to resolve any potential problems. Sample alerts include:

  • Lamp failure warning
  • Internal device temperature
  • Loss of communication to a device
  • Updated software or firmware detection
  • Camera, display or projector offline
  • Hard drive space running low warning

Diagnostic Tools

ESCAN's diagnostic tools allow our support specialists to retrieve both alerts and important configuration data from VC systems, AV devices and IT assets, enabling fast troubleshooting and fault resolution. Sample ESCAN diagnostic features include:

  • Trand analysis
  • System health monitoring
  • Utilisation statistics

Mentoring Methods

ESCAN can communicate to devices using a variety of monitoring protocols. Electrosonic will work on each system individually to ensure the best monitoring method is used for your AV system. Sample data collection methods include:

  • SNMP
  • Show control systems (AMX, Crestron, Medialon)
  • Custom device drivers
  • Industry standard OS monitoring agents

ESCAN Remote Monitoring

Learn more about our ESCAN remote monitoring of audio-visual devices in this data sheet.

Download a PDF copy->

Key Remote Monitoring Benefits

  • Boost your facility’s uptime
  • Proactive monitoring and trend analysis
  • Early detection of potential system or device failure
  • Identify issues remotely
  • Enhance your on-site issue resolution capability
  • Increase your staff’s efficiency
  • Uptime and usage statistics (available soon)
  • Proactive help desk support

A Secure Connection

Electrosonic will work hand in hand with your IT staff to ensure secure data transfer between your facility and our Service Operations Centre (SOC). An outbound network connection is made from the ESCAN Gateway device on your AV network to the Electrosonic SOC. This connection is made using an encrypted VPN and the IT industry standard SSl protocol.