The Olympic Museum

AV Projection and Interactive Exhibits Let the Games Begin
Lausanne, Switzerland

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The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, recently reopened after a two-year renovation with new audio-visual and interactive systems that take visitors on what’s been called “a multidimensional journey across the Olympic Universe.” Electrosonic designed the AV system under subcontract with media producer Centre Screen Productions, and handled the system engineering and integration under a separate subcontract with Paragon Creative.

Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum spans four levels and more than 32,000 square feet, featuring over 150 screens to deliver an immersive experience. Ghostly images of the torch relay, projected onto a curtain of vertical silicone rods, greet visitors as they walk up the ramp to Level 1. The panoramic “Welcome to Olympia” display, created by three edge-blended projectors and accompanied by multi-channel sound, shows the origins of the games in ancient Greece. The figures of athletes on ancient Greek vases come alive in an engaging interactive table display.

Historical Timeline

The “Olympic Torch” exhibit includes an array of torches interpreted by six 22-inch touch screens, a projection of the lighting of the Olympic flame on a screen that can be viewed from front or back, and a stylized projection of flames dancing on the floor, which is part of the exhibit lighting. The “Historical Timeline” uses five projectors to produce one very long image of a “library” whose volumes relate to specific Olympic games. Five small interactive podiums enable visitors to open up a volume of their choice and see a compilation of images.

Inside the Race

Level 0, where the stories of the Summer Games, Winter Games, Paralympics and Youth Olympics are told, features a number of surround screens with multi-image content. The panoramic “Inside the Race,” with five edge-blended projectors, envelops visitors with highlights from the games. The lowest exhibition level, Level -1, is devoted to the theme of “The Olympic Spirit.” The International Plaza has a three-screen display as well as three stacks of 55-inch, narrow-bezel LCDs.

Winter Games

The “Words of Olympians” exhibit enables visitors to learn about athletes and hear their own accounts of participating in the games. Twenty AV stations, featuring 22-inch LCDs, play looped programs, while handsets deliver the audio.

Four control rooms on the three different levels are outfitted with 19 equipment racks. One of the Level 1 control rooms has been designated the Master control room for linking to the museum’s Building Management System for automatic scheduled operation.

Man and Family

David Rodriguez, Project Manager for the Technology and Information Department at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) concluded, “Electrosonic worked with the content manager, the integrator and the IOC, taking into account the needs of each and proposing technical solutions complying with the technical and energy-saving standards of the country. All of the interactive terminals, 98 projectors and 30 large-screen monitors and respective PCs were installed within very tightly imposed deadlines. After six months of operation, there have been very few problems. This shows the quality of the work Electrosonic did for The Olympic Museum. We are very pleased to have been able to work on this project with them.”