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Telling your story through innovative technology

From museums to shopping malls, visitor centres to theme parks, Electrosonic has worked on some of the highest profile projects in the world, many of which have been recognised with key industry awards. Specialities include dark rides, 3D and 4D effects, dome projection, interactive exhibits, 360° immersive theatre and show control. Our AV solutions provide you with unique ways to tell a story and engage with audiences of all ages.

21st century audiences have higher demands and bigger expectations than any generation before. They highly value unique experiences that utilise new and innovative technologies, providing them with cherished moments they can share. We can work with you to help uncover new cutting-edge technologies to show off your creative vision.

We pride ourselves on continuously pushing the boundaries of AV technology through innovative and bespoke engineering, helping you to realise your creative vision, create sustainable experiences that really connect with audiences and drive revenue and footfall.

 How do we work?

  • We approach each project strategically and creatively to realise our clients’ objectives and goals
  • We work with our clients early on in the project to help shape and test ideas and uncover new opportunities and possibilities
  • We listen to our clients’ needs and desires and put together a full plan before we start work to make sure that we have understood your creative vision
  • We understand that no two projects are the same. Each project is treated individually with its own aspirations, methodology and challenges
  • Whether a job is small or large, simple or complex, local or remote, we will deliver it with enthusiasm, commitment and passion
  • We work in partnership and collaboration with all stakeholders involved. We like to share ideas and knowledge to ensure that the project is a success
  • We never stop learning and developing our own skills and knowledge so we can help you realise your dreams
  • Once the project is complete, we review the outcome with you to ensure that you are happy and all objectives have been met

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Design & Integration Brochure for ENT

Electrosonic’s entertainment team offers a complete and cost effective service, which includes design consulting, project management, engineering and integration, and service. Learn more about our Design & Integration services for the ENT market in this brochure.

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