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Electrosonic has extensive experience in engineering and maintaining critical systems in all types of environments. Running a service operation is very much a real-time business. Our worldwide Service Operations Centres (SOC) ensure the continuous support required for our international clients. Remote network-enabled monitoring of AV and VC systems provide real-time fault identification and resolution.

  • Wide range of service and support solutions
  • Global support centers with a common fault logging system
  • 24/7 support on-site and on-call
  • A service solutions business of over 200 dedicated staff across EMEA and the USA
  • 24 hour VNOC support services

Visit the Service Solutions pages to learn more.

Managed Services

Electrosonic offer a range of managed services to ensure your company’s AV and VC technology solutions provide an efficient, consistent and positive user experience.

Our extensive portfolio of Manged Services, from on-site staff to remote monitoring, provides reassurance that your AV environment and systems are being proactively monitored.

From our Video Network Operations Centres (VNOC’s) we have dedicated teams 24 hours a day, who will monitor and manage your AV infrastructure so you can concentrate on the meeting and not the technology.

Our Managed Services

  • On-site staffing (full time or on demand)
  • Event production and live events
  • Webcasting and streaming
  • Help desk - 24-hour technical support line
  • Remote monitoring and management of audio-visual and videoconferencing systems
  • Remote operation of client owned systems and infrastructure
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Virtual meeting spaces for VC and audio participants hosted on Electrosonic infrastructure
  • Scheduling portal with online interface
  • Usage, performance and adoption reporting
  • Organise, manage amd monitor meetings

Remote Monitoring

Electrosonic's ESCAN Remote Monitoring Service offers 24/7 real time monitoring of your audio-visual system, to enable faster troubleshooting and fault resolution and mazimise your system uptime. Discover how you can benefit here.


Electrosonic World - Issue 18

Electrosonic World is Electrosonic’s means of sharing know-how and experience within the industry, and of celebrating with its customers and fellow project members the success of a diverse range of work.

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Projector Lamp Replacement Program

Lamp Replacement

A broken lamp will result in the disruption of your day-to-day operations. Electrosonic’s Lamp Replacement Program makes certain that your projectors are always ready for operation and your regular lamp replacement process goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free Recycling
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Volume Buying Discount
  • High Quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Lamps
  • Complete Variety of Lamps for Most Video Walls and Projector Brands