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Electrosonic’s Design and Build team considers the business objectives and goals of our clients to align technology seamlessly with the way they work. Our design team constantly researches and evaluates the latest products and technical innovations to make sure the most ideal collaboration and communication tools are employed. With our technical expertise, we can act as a sounding board for your ideas and help to turn concepts into reality.

Systems Integration

Backed by solid engineering, professional programming and expert project management skills, Electrosonic brings a breadth of systems integration experience to every project. We provide new and innovative ideas and solutions to help increase your market competitiveness. All systems are carefully designed and engineered under strict fabrication procedures prior to installation, to ensure smooth and efficient project delivery. In some cases, we may also produce a mock-up of the planned installation as proof of concept, in our 2475 Sq Ft technical workshop.





Eaton Experience Center

Eaton, a power management company, opened a new campus in Cleveland, Ohio, featuring cutting-edge AV technology including an 80x14-foot LED curtain and a brilliant 53-foot LED chandelier that complements the animations on the LED curtain.

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